A bag of books for $5.00

The Title Wave Bookstore, had a screaming deal: a bag of books (or other media) for $10.00. As I had a $5.00 gift certificate from volunteering for the Summer Reading program, I followed Kelly’s lead and we made our way to the bookstore on a cold and rainy day. What I discovered? A lot of cookbooks! A lot of cookbooks that cost tons of money in the stores. I brought home a bunch and I will harvest the 3-5 recepies that appeal to me and then donate the books. What a deal!

One thought on “A bag of books for $5.00”

  1. Woo hoo! I just want to our library book sale. It was the last day, so half off. paperbacks were a quarter and the hardback books I got were 50 cents. I added 15 new books to my teacher collection! 🙂 I love library book sales! What the hey, I love the LIBRARY!

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