Three sentence movie reviews: Horrible Bosses

Matt and I thought we were seeing Bridesmaids, but apparently the truck stop movie theater switches its movies on Saturday, not Friday. So when it started, there was a moment of cognitive dissonance and confused discussion before we accepted our fate and settled in to this movie. However, as Matt pointed out, this was free of most of the usual “boy movie” fare (projectile vomiting, fart noises, diarrhea, overtly disgusting sex) and was rather witty, which made it a pretty enjoyable movie.

*That boss there on the right? That’s Colin Farrell! I watched the entire movie and had no idea. None!

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Horrible Bosses”

  1. Oh no, the switch up makes a tough viewing experience! Glad it ended up being less gross and more witty. And haven't we all had such bosses?

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