Three sentence movie reviews: Being Elmo

“There’s a whole movie about Elmo?” everyone asked me when I mentioned I was going to see it. I was unsure too, I mean, Elmo the slightly annoying after-my-time Sesame Street character? But it was a fabulous documentary, because it was the incredibly moving story of someone on a path he was supposed to be on, and a story that included Jim Henson, who always cheers me.

I saw this for free (Thanks Kelly!) but now that I’ve seen it I can recommend it for people to pay money to see.

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Being Elmo”

  1. I have hated the Elmofication of Sesame Street (where are all of those great characters from our childhood?!!?), but I really wanted to see this movie. We debated about it and almost saw it. Then time went by and it is no longer at our theaters…

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