Requiem: Hairbrush.

This hairbrush was a present in either high school or early college.  My friend Sara had a brush like it and I loved how good it felt on my scalp.  Before this brush I had been using a tight-bristled brush with a blue handle that came from Avon.  Except for periods of short hair, I’ve used this brush daily for a very long time.

But it’s a bit worse for wear.  In college, I tried to use it as a hammer and discovered that wood, when pounded on a steel dowel, yields to the steel dowel and you get splinters.  The side you can’t see has been ragged for 16 years now.  It’s also losing bristles slowly but surely.  They fly off at random moments during the morning brush and Sentinel goes after them followed quickly by me, so he can’t attempt to swallow them.

Getting rid of things like this is very hard for me to do.  Despite its ragged appearance and decades of hair oil buildup on the bristles, this brush still works, so I feel like I’m casting away a slightly crippled child.  On top of that, I can’t donate it, because who wants a broken, crusty brush?  After I took this picture, I left the brush on the table for a good week or so, before taking it to the trash bin, thanking it for its service and tossing it in.  I feel guilty every time I drop another bag of garbage on it.

One thought on “Requiem: Hairbrush.”

  1. I loved that hairbrush, too. It is long gone, though, I must say. Curly girls should never use a brush. Not good for our curls. I only use combs these days. I miss a good brush, though.

    Well done, excellent brush! You served your PCC well!

    Well done letting it go. I am that way about things quite often. I have to dig deep to make the final toss/donation.

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