The best part of the job interview.

I had a job interview today, which was exciting and I think went well.  But I can tell you that the best part of the job interview was the Zipcar I rented.  The one that was closest to where I work was also a fancy car.  When I saw it I laughed.  This was going to be a fun drive.
In reserving the car, I allowed copious amounts of time for the interview itself and to get the Zipcar back in time.  This meant I had nearly two hours after the interview to drive around and I took advantage of that time.  I rarely get to drive cars that react so strongly when I press the gas pedal.

2 thoughts on “The best part of the job interview.”

  1. Wow! Seriously DE-luxe!!!! What a great way to start your interview! I can't wait to hear if there is more news. Especially now that I am home from my travels! 🙂

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