Three sentence movie reviews: The Five-Year Engagement

We saw this for free and I had low expectations, but found it to be quite good and also a great example of modern couple dynamics (unlike say, He’s Just Not That Into You).  However, it is a romantic comedy written by two men not interested in holding the romantic comedy genre sacred so there are a lot of f-bombs and the sex is quite real-world graphic in places, at least for a romantic comedy.  That said, it was funny and interesting and very good all around and I think you should see it.*

*Assuming you are someone who does not find f-bombs, somewhat real-world graphic sex and the romantic comedy genre turned on its ear offensive.  (In other words, it’s a NFS (not for Sara) production.)

ps. Mad Men fans.  You MUST see this just because Alison Brie, the woman who plays Trudy Campbell is so incredibly awesome.

pps. Good date movie. Assuming both people in the couple meet the above qualifications.

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5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Five-Year Engagement”

  1. I love it when I get a shout out! I did see this movie and mostly liked it. Of course the NFS portions were a detraction from its overall goodness!

    AHHHHHHHHH 3 minutes over…1 to go……

  2. We saw this at our second run/bar/restaurant movie house on $2 Tuesday. That made it a little more amenable to me. Though, a glass of wine does not make the f-bombs or annoyingly graphic (for me) sex scenes any better.

  3. Hmmm. I shall have to recalibrate the NFS films to include wine and $2.00 admission. For me too, admission price makes a big difference. Battleship I pay $15( $10, $7, $4, $3) for? Total waste of time and money. Battleship seen for free while on vacation? Excellent use of two hours!

  4. I also like both leads in this film, that can make a difference, too. Its like chocolate for me, if the ratio of chocolate to other candy goodness is okay, I can eat it (like snickers bars are okay because really the chocolate is just a small part of the overall candy). So if the ratio of bawdy/potty-ness is properly apportioned to the cute/endearing/fun actors-ness, the NFS-ness can be adjusted.

  5. Someday we should make a schematic of NFS ratings. I agree about the leads and the "umph" it gives the film. That's why it was weird for me not to like 50/50 because I like both of the male leads and the female lead. But it wasn't enough.

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