Three sentence movie reviews: A Perfect Getaway

Yet another movie watched to see Chris Hemsworth, this was surprisingly good, as it has a forgettable title and a somewhat overwrought synopsis.  However, I’ve always loved Steve Zahn, finding him the male Judy Greer* of the 90s, and his presence offset my outright dislike of Milla Jovovich.**  This is a great ensemble cast (though Chris Hemsworth’s screen time is minimal) and just when I figured it all out, I got confused again.

*You know, the best friend.  In Steve Zahn’s case he was always the zany best friend.  Except for that grim turn in Riding in Cars With Boys. Rest assured he does not play the zany best friend in this movie, he gets to be the star.

**I think this dislike stems from us being pretty much the same age, but when I was a pimply, awkward 12-year-old I got to see feature stories in the teen magazines I read at the time about this amazingly beautiful 12-year-old model with an odd name.  Plus later, when she was 16, she got to hang out with all the Dazed and Confused cast despite the fact she wasn’t really a very good actress.  I wasn’t a good actress either, but I had to go to high school every day, not run off over the border and get married for two months to that odd-looking guy from the movie.  Sure, there was an annulment because she was underage, but still.  And don’t even get me started about the whole music phase.  I’ve mellowed in my old age, because despite 20+ years of dislike, I thought she was good in this.

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  1. Oh no! That previous comment ate up 2 minutes. In the Fifth Element, one of my faves, she is really great!

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