Wait until you “See Back for Details”

This is one of those products I feel people go looking for.  They buy a smart phone, they realize they can’t use it with their gloves on, they consult their friends or the Internet for a solution, et voila, they find themselves in the glove section of Macy’s staring at the selection.  Or, they knew this product existed like I did, because the fluffy sections of the newspaper, as well as women’s magazines, explained the whole concept to me in the form of a “feature.”  Advertising as news.  Gotta love it.

But yes, I’m always happy for more details.

Unless the details are an obvious drawing that gives me no new information.

One thought on “Wait until you “See Back for Details””

  1. Ha ha!!! I can say it annoys me that my leather cloves don't work. It seems like they should have the traction…

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