What will I think is neat when I’m 80?

I love the Parade Magazine and its crappy products targeted to old people.  I would like to say that I can’t believe people actually buy this stuff, but I know they do.  My favorite part of the ad?  “For Chairs and Wheelchairs”  Yipee!

4 thoughts on “What will I think is neat when I’m 80?”

  1. I hope there isn't some magic switch that flips after the age of 50 that suddenly makes me like wicker (ugh). However, I think the cushion is a nice idea & it doesn't look too bad. On a side note, I watch Jeopardy every day and cringe every time the Hoveround commercial comes on where the guy is singing "Hoveround takes me where I wanna go…." *shudder* I would mute but I'm usually busy in the kitchen while I have Jeopardy on.

  2. Sara. I'm totally getting you a pink floral Cozy Cushion for the next gift exchange holiday.

    Jan. Maybe you won't like wicker, but maybe you'll buy one of those portable fireplaces supposedly made by the Amish.

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