45RPM: Jump

Where I match a song to a specific memory.

I was in eighth grade and had just discovered music the year before.  And when I say, “discovered music” I mean music that people were releasing just then, the music that would become “my” music.  Until mid-seventh grade, aside from an infatuation with Michael Jackson and a flirtation with Huey Lewis and the News, I preferred music from the oldies stations which were, at that time, playing music from the late 50s and early 60s.  But when I decided I did like modern music, I took to it like a duck to water and formed strong opinions about a lot of things.  I came home one day after school to find my brother watching this video, which at that point was about four years old.

“I just figured out who Eddie Van Halen is,” my twelve-year-old brother announced.
“He’s the lead singer.” I, the music expert announced.
“Nope.  That’s David Lee Roth.  Eddie Van Halen is the guitarist.”
Huh.  Outsmarted by an elementary school student, I filed that information away: “note to self, Van Halen is named for the guitarist, not the singer.”  Of course, by 1988, David Lee Roth wasn’t even the leader singer of Van Halen anymore.  But I would find that out on another day.

2 thoughts on “45RPM: Jump”

  1. Oh how I loved this song. I also had my MJ and Huey Lewis phases. It's interesting that while my mom and grandparents listened to KBOI and the Oldies station (ooooh how could I forget that call number?)(104.3? maybe?), my mom always had the pop station on in the car. I was exposed to lots of current music. But it took me a bit to have my own personal tastes. It's interesting how that develops for many kids rough about those middle grade years!

  2. Dammit, what was that call number? AM something.

    Michael Jackson was my first break from my parent's music, but it didn't really kick in until jr. high.

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