They HAVE run their course.

Hey look!  The Oregonian wants to know if Ziggy and Family Circus have run their course.  Really?  Do you  need to ask?  In fact, while we are on the topic, here’s a list of  other daily comics that have run their course:
Hagar the Horrible
Wizard of ID
Hi and Lois
Peanuts (sorry to say, but it’s true)
Freshly Squeezed

Oregonian readers are blessed with two full pages of daily comics.  How about making them all comics of note, not warmed-over plots that have been recirculating for years.

3 thoughts on “They HAVE run their course.”

  1. I used to write my local newspaper annual letters with specific citations illustrating how disgustingly sexist and size-ist The Wizard of Id is. No one ever answered.

    I am still a fan of Peanuts. And Garfield is still the most-checked-out comic at the library for grade-school boys, so I think it has a specific niche among those just mastering reading and slapstick. (Peanuts too, probably. Not the slapstick part.) But I'm with you on the rest of them.

  2. Deborah. Good for you. I've thought of sending them a bi-monthly postcard outlining what comics I do enjoy as they seem to take them away willy-nilly. I really liked that Edison Lee comic and they've banished it to the classifieds. And why there? It makes no sense.

    SKS. Not yet. But they tend to ask, then six months go by as there are probably some shadowey payoffs in the back room of the newspaper from comic artists who have taken over their dad's empire and are producing nothing of interest. But then suddenly something happens. So I'm waiting. But perhaps all the old people who read the paper voted to continue them. I wouldn't be surprised.

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