Three sentence movie reviews: Safety Not Guranteed

In my mind, the best kind of movie is where a character, or characters, if you are lucky, go through some sort of transformation over the course of the movie.  Based on that criteria, this movie was fabulous: simple story, interesting and not unlikable characters, and kind of quirky. Overall, this movie was made of some simple parts, but they all came together so well that I greatly enjoyed myself, and was reminded that this is why I love to watch movies.*

Cost:  $1.00 from Videorama ($1.00 Thursdays!  How lucky am I?)
Where watched:  at home.

*Have you not heard of this movie?  Well, you should watch it because there is a reason it was the Laurelhurst Theater’s longest running movie of 2012.
Also:  the extras have a great story about how the text for the ad came about.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Safety Not Guranteed”

  1. I've just added this movie as the "S" for my A – Z movie challenge. Of course, I won't start with that until I'm done with the Oscar winners, but I'll get there some day.

  2. I am in agreement as well. It was just subtle and interesting with a little hint of quirk. Quite nice!

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