Three sentence movie reviews: Dear White People



It’s been appearing on a lot of top ten lists and I and the critics are in agreement!  Aside from having two (count ’em TWO) actors who were also present in Veronica Mars season two, this was an engrossing, amusing and gently satirical.  If you are a white person looking for a peek into the world of being a black face in a white place, this movie is well worth your time and if you are just out for a well-crafted movie, this is also your movie.

Cost: $4.00
Where watched: Academy Theater

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Dear White People”

  1. This has been on my list to see for awhile now. It came here and now has disappeared again. Thankfully it will be returning to our art museum and I have my plans to see it then!

  2. Can’t say that I had a lot of interest in this one, but your review gives me pause. I feel like a few people I know who saw it and mentioned it on Facebook were disappointed? Hmm. Perhaps I should see what it’s all about for myself.

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