Seamwork Oslo Sweater part I

I’ve subscribed to Seamwork, a digital sewing magazine.  The magazine is free, and if you subscribe ($6.00  per month) you receive two patterns each month.  Each pattern is designed so it can be completed “in an afternoon”.  I aim to make the Oslo Cardigan, although I’m going to use it as a robe.  Let’s see if indeed this pattern can be completed in a timely fashion.

Below, Sentinel observes the detritus from too many projects.

The pattern comes in two forms.  A digital file that can be printed at a copy shop, or a file that can be taped together.  I didn’t make it to the copy shop, so taping and cutting I am.  I did this the night before I set to sewing, and forgot to start the timer, but I think the taping and cutting took about an hour.

3 thoughts on “Seamwork Oslo Sweater part I”

  1. I think this is so incredibly cool! I haven’t even the had the chance/money to pick up sewing again and yet I feel so excited that something like Seamwork is out there. I feel like $6 per month for two patterns is really cheap. Is that a correct feeling? Do you feel like the patterns you’ve received are good ones? Can’t wait to see what the cardigan looks like!

  2. It’s a great deal and I’ve liked the patterns so far. January was the sweater and also a tote bag. This month is a camisole and also leggings with a cute tulip detail.

  3. Sara Here:
    I like that the subscription is a very reasonable price and it seems like you get a lot out of it. The taping seems annoying, but doable! Excited to see how this turns out!!!

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