RIP Downtown Post Office

You’ve been bought by St. Mary’s Academy and they are tearing you down until they figure out what they want to put on this block.  This is the post office I used a lot when I lived downtown.  It’s also the one where I once took 20 manila envelopes to mail for work and the postal clerk was aghast.  “Did you sort them by zip code?” she asked.  She was very grumpy when I responded in the negative.  “I have to enter each zip code separately!”   That was a lady who was not at all happy with her job.

4 thoughts on “RIP Downtown Post Office”

  1. Mom is very grumpy about postal standards being changed this last week. Apparently, she believes that the current post master general is a shyster and that she is very glad they are being ousted. (I tend to get glossy eyes when she starts on this topic.) But, I am sure that, in some way, you can blame the Post Master General for the sale of this building…

  2. Awww. This was one ugly post office, but it was the one I used most frequently when I lived in PDX. I’m sorry to see it go, although the whole postal service in general might not outlast it by much.

  3. Was it a pretty, historic downtown post office or an efficient "built in that ugly decade" sort of building? That would make a big difference to me.

    Do you know that Shawn sorts all of our holiday/new year postcards by zipcode? Well he prints them that way from the excel file so they can stay in order. That is kind dedication that I would not follow.

  4. Oh my god it was such an efficient, ugly building.

    That is very nice for Shawn to do. Especially with the power of Excel.

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