And the phone gets faster.

On the right, my Samsung Galaxy Reverb, which was both my first cell phone and my first smartphone.  On the left is my Samsung Galaxy S III which is my second cell phone and MUCH faster than my first one.  It’s like being in an entirely different cell phone world.  I was worried about switching phones, but it was a very smooth process.  Once I activated the new phone, it downloaded almost everything from my old to my new phone.  And they sent me an envelope to return the old phone for recycling. 

3 thoughts on “And the phone gets faster.”

  1. Any particular reason for upgrading? Just curious. We tend to upgrade whenever a new version comes out, although we didn’t get the latest (iPhone 6) because we both think they’re too big.

  2. When I bought the phone two years ago, it was the bottom-of-the-line phone. I wasn’t sure I was going to like Virgin Mobile or cell phones in general, so I didn’t spend a lot on the phone. So it’s always been slow, and in the last six months incredibly slow. For instance, if I got a text message, I would hit that icon, breathe deeply two or three times and then get to the screen that lists all the texts. I would then choose the new text message from the list, breathe two or three times and then the message would load. Then, if I needed to hit reply, another two or three breaths, then the typing, which was also slow, etc.

    You know that part in Sherlock season one where Sherlock is looking at the painting and the kid is counting down and Sherlock uses his phone to quickly find the name of whatever celestial phenomenon was the answer? With my phone the kid would be dead. The internet would have still be opening.

    So this is the middle-of-the-line smart phone offered by my carrier. My plan from now on is to buy the middle of the line every two years or so. We shall see if that plan comes to pass.

  3. Sara Here: I just upgraded my phone from the 4 to the 6. Boy oh boy was that a whizzbang! I completely noticed the difference. And the phone was larger and so much lighter! Crazy!

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