Three sentence movie review: Jupiter Ascending

I found myself asking “I wonder how they did that?” often while viewing this and eventually concluded I would have better enjoyed watching a “making of” feature about this feature, rather than the feature itself.  It was stuffed full of intricate detail, so it was pretty to watch, and I thank Filmspotting for putting their finger on exactly why I wasn’t interested, namely that CT drained every ounce of charisma from his character, making him boringly flat.  So this goes in the category of: I watched it so you don’t have to.

Cost: $7.50 (I broke my solemn vow to only spend movie money on movies and I bought a pizza.  So add another $12.00 to my total.  That’s 3 or 4 movies at the Laurelhurst.)
Where watched: Baghdad Theater, which I enjoy so much as a movie theater.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie review: Jupiter Ascending”

  1. The previews for this were such a confusing muddle that I had absolutely no interest in it. Then the reviews came out and it sounds like it might be one of this year’s laughingstocks. I’m sorry that your love for Channing Tatum forced you to watch it. Hopefully his next one is better!

  2. Everything I have heard about this indicates that you are not along in your response. I appreciate your dedication to CT and his film endeavors! Very loyal!

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