Other happenings in Kenton

I woke up this morning and found the DMV right down the street from us had decided to move!  Where will I renew my license in five more years??

I hadn’t really pictured the Venn Diagram of Swap Meeters and People who Frequent Strip Clubs to have much of an overlap, but what do I know?

3 thoughts on “Other happenings in Kenton”

  1. Wow, the DMV is moving really far! That’s too bad. I wonder what the next closest one is? So the Dancin’ Bare is a swap meet by day? I can kind of see it. I’ve been to some pretty skanky swap meets. (Note: I just accidentally typed swamp meet, which seems appropriate.)

  2. So the DMV actually moved over by Delta Park. I think the Mall 205 thing was just for the week/days that they were closed so they could move.

    I have more news on the swap meeters. It seems there is a big swap meet for cars/car parts etc. this weekend at the Expo center. So now it makes more sense that they might also want to spend time at the Dancin’ Bare. I was picturing the swap meet as being some variation of old people selling junk in a dimly lit room. Which turns out not to be correct at all.

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