Postcards from Phildelphia & the Walker Art Museum

This is from Heather and is not quite as blurry as it looks. Bad photo, sorry.  Heather reports that her daughter L liked the cracked bell, which had a shroud covering the yoke for unknown reasons. IMG_3311

Here is the famous Rocky statue, which Heather observes looks nothing like him.  Although, she reports it’s not as bad as that horrible Lucille Ball statue.IMG_3312

From Sara and the Walker Art Museum.  She thinks it is a hoot and I agree. Who wouldn’t want to build their own miniature decentralized city? IMG_3313

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Phildelphia & the Walker Art Museum”

  1. I agree with Heather on both counts. Does not look like Sylvester Stallone (although he doesn’t really look like himself anymore either), but not as bad as that nightmare-inducing Lucille Ball statue. I wonder if the yoke is in disrepair and that’s why they had it shrouded?

  2. That Lucille Ball statue makes me laugh so hard. And the memes that have come out of that, even more HILARIOUS!!! We have been to Philly but didn’t make it to the Rocky statue.

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