A comic and a confusing ad from the paper

There have been a lot of essays and musings this summer about the Mental Load women carry.  I think this comic nicely encompasses the scenario.  For me, the Mental Load is right up there on the list of reasons I will never have a wedding.  Also, it’s nice to have a term for something I feel acutely.

Also.  Justin Klump!  Did you send them the wrong photo?  It’s the most logical explanation for what’s going on here.  Why would your promo photo not show your whole face?

3 thoughts on “A comic and a confusing ad from the paper”

  1. Mental Load…Christmas present buying. It’s on there for me….

    Mental load…I know that Shawn also carries a different type of mental load. It’s a good term.

    And did Justin want to look very into his music? He’s FOCUSED!

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “mental load” (aka “emotional labor”). On Thanksgiving, my BIL wanted to bring his dog. I reluctantly said yes, not wanting to be rude, even though his dog and ours don’t get along. “It’ll be fine,” my husband said. It wasn’t fine. The dogs didn’t get along. I then found out my BIL’s girlfriend didn’t want to bring their dog. But guess who ended up “refereeing” the two dogs all day? The two women, who didn’t want this in the first place. The men ignored the situation. So aggravating.

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