Three sentence movie reviews: Logan Lucky

Heist movies, I like them. Channing Tatum, I’m a fan.  This was 118 minutes of fun for me.

Cost: $8.00 (big spender, due to CT)*
Where watched: St. John’s Twin Cinema with Matt, who also enjoyed.

*After coming back from vacation, I discovered I had free admission for two to this movie.  I had won a promo.  Alas, the movie had already been seen, and I was too busy to see it again.

poster from:
“How big is that car?” Asked someone from the IMP peanut gallery.  Fair question.

Here’s a trivia item from IMDB.

The film was distributed by cutting out studios, in order to have creative control and make money directly from the film itself. Accordingly, for this atypical distribution, Steven Soderbergh raised the budget by selling off foreign distribution rights, and then sold everything except the movie showing up in a movie theater in order to pay for advertising and prints of the movie (for example, selling post-theatrical rights to the likes of HBO, Netflix, Video-On-Demand, television, and airplanes). By following these two steps, Soderbergh was able to sidestep a Hollywood studio, and had creative control the entire time (for instance, the trailers that dropped earlier this summer were by his design, as was the poster and the entire marketing plan). Also, according to Soderbergh, under this set-up, the box-office bar for success is lower. With nearly everything prepaid, and no hefty distributor fees coming off the top, even a modest fifteen million dollar opening would be a win.

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  1. Lol@ the comment about the car’s size! It does seem unnaturally wide. I was intrigued by this film but I’m not sure that it ever played near me. I suppose I’ll get around to watching it some day.

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