A visit to the Kiggins Theater

I decided to make a visit to the Kiggins Theater in Vancouver.  It’s not far from the Regal Vancouver City Center, which is our closest first-run movie theater.  (Technically, the Regal Lloyd Center 10 is the closest, but the Vancouver theater involves exactly two stoplights, while the Lloyd Center involves many more stoplights.  As long as the traffic across the bridge isn’t backed up, the Vancouver theater is much closer).  I see the Kiggins Theater when I’m finding my way from the Regal parking garage back to the Interstate Bridge.  And I heard about how this theater encouraged a law to be passed in Washington so people could drink beer and wine in single-screen theaters, a la what I experience all the time in McMenamin’s movie theaters in Oregon. Now it was time to see the theater itself. IMG_3340

Gorgeous entrance with neon lights and shiny tiles. IMG_3341

Also incredible counter where you pay for your ticket as well as candy, popcorn and soda.  I made the new-fashioned error of specifying which movie I wanted to see, even though it’s a single screen theater and they can only show one movie at at time.   IMG_3351IMG_3352

Up the stairs is a lounge where you can purchase beer and wine. IMG_3342

The Art Deco styling is fabulous.IMG_3344

And there are fun tables to hang out while waiting for your movie to begin.IMG_3345

I asked the woman behind the bar if she wanted to be in the bar picture, and she opted not to. And then she opened the window and let me take a close-up picture of the sign.  Which was all kinds of awesome!  IMG_3346 IMG_3347

Look at that great building detail!IMG_3348

Also upstairs, they have autographed photos of six James Bonds IMG_3343

IMG_3349 IMG_3350 IMG_3353

Projector and film canisters, opening night poster and Art Deco detailing.

Being a single screen theater, they have chairs to lounge in while you wait for the previous show to finish and the new one to begin.IMG_3355

Inside the theater the details abound. IMG_3358
I enjoy being able to sit far away from the screen.  Especially if there is a good sound system.  Which there was. IMG_3361
IMG_3363 IMG_3364IMG_3360

 More great details.    IMG_3357

I look forward to visiting the Kiggins Theater again!

3 thoughts on “A visit to the Kiggins Theater”

  1. Wait, so which movie did you see here? Please go back and watch Zombie Cats so you can tell me all about it. Beautiful theater! I think I would like it. The candy prices seem reasonable.

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