Three sentence movie review: While We’re Young


With Driver/Sayfried/Watts/Stiller this had a very good cast who did very good things with this story.  It also was quite funny in places, and nicely captured couples in two different stages in life.  I was all in, loving this film right up until the last five minutes when I suddenly did a 180 and hated this movie; if someone else has seen it and would like to discuss the ending, do let me know.

Cost: $7.00
Where watched: Kiggins Theater

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(Why so much white?  Why?)

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie review: While We’re Young”

  1. I’ve been hesitant to see this because I feel like it would hit a little too close to home. Although, I can’t really stand to hang out with most 20-somethings, so I’m not sure that I would ever find myself in such a scenario as the movie.

  2. As a person who tries to cling to my “hipness” and youth I was also a little worried this would be very close to home as well. I do want to see it, though. I do have many friends who are younger than me, so it could be very interesting.

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