Afternoon walk on N. Mississippi

I took a walk up Mississippi to my volunteer shift at the library.  Here are a few things I saw.
Supposedly, if this billboard is to be believed, this very skinny building will be constructed.  I find it interesting because the land to the right of the supposed building is the large expanse of open space where the ghost stairs I documented in this post. Apparently this piece of land was separate from the ghost stairs land.
I’m quite glad I wasn’t sitting under this deck/porch/cover when it collapsed.

That post just snapped.  I’m betting this wasn’t built to code.

Really pretty art on the side of a building.

Full picture.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon walk on N. Mississippi”

  1. I wonder what the purpose of that skinny building is? Office space I assume. Collapsed porch – yikes! That would have scared the heck out of me if I'd been anywhere near it when it happened.

  2. Yikes is right! I do like the artwork there. Funny how I've adapted to Minn. I saw the title of this post and thought of the river. Which we can walk along from our place!

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