Alder Food Carts Space Big Hole

As last reported in June, 2019, the Alder Food Carts have been scattered to the winds. The luxury hotel is digging down before it builds up.

We are able to see what’s happening, thanks to this mesh barrier.

And what we can see is there is a big hole being dug. This is where the parking for the luxury hotel and condominium will be.

The street looks very different with the food carts gone. On the other side of 10th Street, where there were a few more food carts, there is another tall building being constructed. We’ve gone from not-quite-one-story structures, to very tall structures on both sides of the street.

One thought on “Alder Food Carts Space Big Hole”

  1. OOH working backwards in tab 2 (see one of the comments I posted today for tab details) I now get a connection to one of my first comments today on the last days of the carts life.

    Good job me and good job you!

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