An after school walk

Home from Overlook Park, though Overlook, Arbor Lodge and Kenton neighborhoods.
Swirly parking strip.

Gnarly old trees in Overlook.
Gorgeous yard and cottage.
Precise hedge.
Telephone booth peeking over a hedge.
On the fence in that same yard is the “Poem Booth.”
My favorite secret way to cross a busy street.
Burning bush among the strawberries.
Stairs being overtaken.
Retaining wall overtaken.
A nice swoop and orange trim.
This home does not fit in at all, and is tremendously ugly, but I love it for those two reasons.
In the side yard of the tremendously ugly home are many wood crafted signs.
This bungalow went and grew a big backside in the Omaha woods.
Kind of looks like a dead cat, but was actually a very happy warm cat.

Victorian with a stellar paint job.
Check out the detail on the door.

Can I make it through this alleyway?

It was okay until I found myself completely surrounded by blackberry bushes.
I made it through, though can’t recommend it.

2 thoughts on “An after school walk”

  1. Looks like it was a lovely day for a walk. I always did love Portland architecture, especially those Victorian houses. That really is a great paint job. (I hate that ugly modern house though. Blech.) And that happy little kitty sure is pretty. I love ginger cats.

  2. What a beautiful day for a walk. The ugly house amuses me. I mean, who ever thought that was a good design? Cute sunbathing kitty! 🙂

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