Sorting the letters.

Along with the journals, the letters from the first two years of college were recovered.  They are all a jumble and I’m sorting them.  I have another tub of letters which I went though a few years ago, so I hope to get everything in neat piles of people.  It’s been fun to see what I can find.  They are especially nostalgic because after my first two years of college I got an email account. Though the letters still arrived, it wasn’t with the same frequency.  All of that early electronic communication has been lost and I mourn it.  That makes these letters all the more wonderful to read now.

3 thoughts on “Sorting the letters.”

  1. You always have the best ideas! I should do this with my letters once I rescue them from the storage unit, although I know I already threw away a bunch of my letters at one point, boo hoo.

  2. I can admit that I was hoping to see a be-stickered Sara letter somewhere in the pile. Maybe I didn't always do that? I am just so glad you found them!

  3. Oh there are be-stickered Sara letters. You got your own file folder. And your stickering wasn't quite as intense in the early years as it is now. I'll send some photos when I sort those.

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