KRPS schedule in 1994

Just in case you need to know what I was listening to my first two years of college.  Friend Sue and I especially enjoyed the Bob and Bill show.  That’s the first time I can remember a radio show giving an email address to write to, along with the regular postal service address.  We also loved the Radio Reader, though Friend Sue got to listen to him more than I did as she was always doing something in the Art building, whereas my hours were spent in the library.

5 thoughts on “KRPS schedule in 1994”

  1. Man, you guys were nerds. Haha. I don't remember listening to radio much in college, although I must have. I remember that after grunge started to die off a bit in the mid-90s, disco became very popular again. I can recall the club we used to go dancing at playing disco songs alongside things like "Tootsie Roll" and "I Wanna F*ck You Like an Animal." In fact, every night the employees got up on the bar and danced to "YMCA."

  2. Yeah, this was my transition to "totally uncool." But really, in Nevada, Missouri, there were no good stations. So this was it.

  3. I have never heard the Bob and Bill show. It was not on Idaho NPR stations, to my knowledge. And really, I mean N. Idaho/Spokane NPR station, because it was more of a B&D listening venue than M&A! I do love the reader. I have been wanting to tune in to the reader again, but was not sure that it was still around.

  4. KBSU had the Bob and Bill show, I know because I listened to it when I was home for that missing semester of '95. It was during the day. The show ended sometimes after that, though. I remember feeling really sad about it.

  5. Ah yes. I was definitely more of a morning, after "work," and weekend NPR listener. Plus, Mom and Al are not as NPR ad B&D! Too bad I missed it, I bet I would have enjoyed it.

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