An obituary that caught my eye

You know how you hear about people having to cross state lines to get married (Mildred and Richard Loving, for instance) and you think that perhaps that only happened in the south? (Maybe that’s just me, thinking along those tracks.) 

Here is a woman who had to cross the Columbia River to marry, because Oregon didn’t allow a white man to marry an Asian woman.  The rest of her life is also interesting.  What stories might her parents have told her, of their life in China?  And what stories could she tell us about being an orphan at 16?  Or her experiences volunteering for the Rose Festival and the Portland Rose Society?

3 thoughts on “An obituary that caught my eye”

  1. I wonder if her parents died at the same time or if (like my great-grandparents) died the same year only months apart? She was really beautiful, even at age 100. I can’t believe her husband lived to 101 as well! Those are some great genes. She seems to have managed a full, active life in spite of the prejudices she faced. Good for her!

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