And what has HE been doing?

From an article in People magazine about the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner breakup.



Weird.  I don’t really understand what’s the driver behind magazines/media emphasizing how happily domestic famous women are, all while building their career and taking care of the children.  There is no such emphasis or constant need to reassure people that the male half of the couple is also happily domestic while building his career and taking care of the children.  Hands-on dad?  So nice that men can have that as a goal, instead of what’s required of them.

*This is not to say that the reporting in this piece accurately reflects anything about the Affleck/Garner relationship.  For all we really know, he could be the hands-on dad and she could be the person who builds her career and ignores her children.  I think we’re all media savvy enough to realize that what we read in the magazines might not (and probably isn’t) actually what’s really going on.

One thought on “And what has HE been doing?”

  1. It’s because women are still looked down on if they “sacrifice” motherhood to chase their careers. They have to reassure everyone that she’s a “good” woman who still looks after her kids. Whereas it’s okay for a man to neglect his kids’ needs as long as he’s bringing in dough. It’s stupid but it’s a mentality that probably isn’t going to change any time soon.

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