Three sentence movie reviews: Trainwreck


Halfway through my theater experience I realized that it would have been smarter to wait and watch a DVD copy of this movie, because the extras are probably going to be pretty good, what with the improve and what-have-you.  This was an entertaining movie, (but too long*) and peopled with a lot of really good cameos.  I think the reason behind the romance could have been better developed–for both of them it was more of a telling “I like him/her” than a showing–but overall the film hit its marks, was funny, and aside from her formidable comedic chops, I also enjoyed the vast variety of dresses Amy Schumer wore.**

Cost: $5.00
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12

*Here’s what we’re going to do. Half of the country is going to take Judd Apatow and the other half is going to take Martin Scorsese and we are going to lock them in their editing rooms and make them trim their movies to acceptable lengths.
**Though her gait had me wondering if she is perhaps a person who does not wear high heels in real life.***
***Feeling guilty that I ended this critique of an actor-who-is-female by talking about dresses and shoes, but there you have it.

poster from:
(I do not believe she wore this dress in the movie.  The fact that it is on the poster bugs me.)

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  1. Here here! It’s high time that some movie makers learn that longer does not equal better. My #2 quibble with this film is that it’s too long (my #1 being that I found Amy’s character to be almost impossible to like/root for). I also agree with you that they didn’t do a very good job of developing their relationship, i.e. showing why they liked each other. I wasn’t as big a fan of this as I expected to be.

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