Art Building looking metal-tastic

There are intriguing spaces left in the metal facings.  I’m wondering if those will be taken up with “pops” of color.
Interestingly, there is now a sign with the artist’s rendition of the building, but it’s rather inaccessible, and plus, I’ve waited this long, why see a picture of the finished product now?

In other news, Matt’s mother was visiting and she wondered what the large tower thing that has now been mostly eclipsed by the building.  You can just see it peeking up on the left.  She took a picture and emailed it to her partner.  Et voila!, she had an answer.  It’s a long range microwave relay tower. It carries voice and data for the phone companies.  Now I know too.  Thanks Linda and Pat!

One thought on “Art Building looking metal-tastic”

  1. Oh so close. And yes, I believe you must pose as a student to give us the insiders view. Your readers are expecting it!

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