Art Deco post office, a walk across a bridge, a church and a meal.

Though we walked to the Mill City Museum over the Stone Arch Bridge, we crossed the Third Avenue Bridge coming back.  But first we were waylaid by this fabulous Post Office.  IMG_3713

I love this great infinity view.  This was built at a time when we believe government provided serveices and solutions.  It shows in the mammoth scale and the multitude of details.


Wonderful typeface.


We are lacking in bulletins today.


Gorgeous drop box.


Who wouldn’t be happy to finish addressing their mail here?


On the other side of the river we found the Ard Godfry House.  As the earliest surviving frame house it fit my vacation theme of “Houses and Homes.”


As I enjoyed saying ,”Did you know that the Women’s Club of Minneapolis restored this house?” Because you can’t read about the Ard Godfry house without hearing about the Women’s Club of Minneapolis.


We walked by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church.  This was originally a Universalist Church.  In 1877, the Catholics bought it and made it Catholic fancy.  You can see where the front part was grafted onto the original Greek Revival style.


We also visited Kramarczuk’s Sausage Company, where Sara got Borscht and a roll and I had sauerkraut soup with ham, a roll and a very delicious beet vinaigrette salad that I think was Ukrainian.


As we were talking, Sara’s eyes lit up.  A couple passed our booth and we guessed they might have gotten married, based on their outfits. I caught this picture, of the couple, Sara, and a perfect shirt.  This is my favorite picture from the entire trip.


On our way out we looked at the various sausage products available.


2 thoughts on “Art Deco post office, a walk across a bridge, a church and a meal.”

  1. I really enjoyed that finish up of our outing. The post office is so lovely. I am glad it didn’t get knocked down and still has so much of its actual original charm. I do always love a good bridal party! Truly one of my favorite things to see out and about! We jam packed a lot into our day. It was just the right amount, though!

  2. I’m sooooo in love with that post office. Just beautiful! The church is pretty nice too. Everything about that picture of Sara is perfect – her beaming face, the adorable couple, and most of all, the Bratwurst shirt in the background.

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