He’s a what? He’s a what? He’s a Music Man. (Also: A drink at the Prohibition Bar)

We visited the Guthrie Theater for a performance of one of my favorite musicals.


It was a thrust stage and we had very good seats.  One thing I noticed about the perspective that the thrust theater offered is that I could see how much spittle flew out of the actors’ mouths when they talked.


After the show we visited the Prohibition Bar in the Forshay Tower, which was a skyscraper modeled after the Washington Monument. Originally, this was Mr. Forshay’s private retreat on the 27th and 28th floors.  Then the market crashed and Mr. Forshay lost his fortune.  He never got to live here.  But we got to buy fancy drinks.  Also, John Philip Sousa wrote a march for the dedication of the building, but the check bounced, so it was only played once.  At least until 1988 when some investors paid off the debt.


Our fancy drinks.  They were quite delicious.


2 thoughts on “He’s a what? He’s a what? He’s a Music Man. (Also: A drink at the Prohibition Bar)”

  1. We were totally in the spit zone. When Mom/Al came to visit they also went to see it, based on our reviews. They really loved the show. They were facing the front of the stage so they got the full impact of the opening train scene. I guess it’s one of Alan’s favorites. That was news to me. I’m glad it was still here when they came. Pick-a-little, peck-a-little…

  2. Oh, that spittle detail is gross but kind of cool. I had no idea they spit so much! That chandelier is gorgeous! Were those drinks as delicious as they looked?

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