Backyard project finished!

I’m happy to say that we are finally done with this backyard rehab project!

We are not yet done putting the sand away; when we are, this wheelbarrow will go away.

This project was paused for a while because filling the spaces between the stepping stones with sand wasn’t working. In some places the spaces were to big which made it unsteady to put one’s foot because the sand would shift. Finding bits of rock to put in the spaces was exhausting and was taking forever.

It turned out what we needed were pebbles to fill in the spaces.  And putting pebbles in the spaces was done in one two-hour work session.

We will need to plant things around the edges in the spring, and I have to figure out what those things will be, but the labor of placing stone has ended for now.

We will, however, continue to work for just a little longer. The spaces between the pavers from the fence are too big, so we need to pop those out and put them closer together. We can use the leftover stone as fill.

It’s good to have this project finished.

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