Single stall etiquette

My current building has two single stall bathrooms on each floor. (This is not really enough bathrooms for the number of people on our floor, but that is not the point of this post.) Let’s talk about some things I’ve seen in my 2.5 years of sharing single stall bathrooms with many people from many offices.

It is my firm belief that in a single stall situation, the toilet seat should ALWAYS be returned to the down position. This is because 50% of the population always has the seat down, and the other 50% of the population sometimes has the seat down. With the always, plus the sometimes, that means the majority of the time, that seat is down. The 50% of the population that does not lift the seat should not be involved in lowering because someone didn’t return it to its proper position.

This.  Bits of toilet paper sitting next to the toilet. What is this?  I understand that those toilet paper dispensers sometimes only dispense tiny bits of useless toilet paper, but why then is it dropped on the floor? The toilet bowl is right there. The person is probably sitting on it. Also, just out of view of this photo is a large trash can, yet another place to drop tiny pieces of useless toilet paper. The floor is not the receptacle for this item.

What happens is that every time I use the bathroom, I pick up the 1-7 pieces of toilet paper on the ground and drop them in the bowl before doing my business.  And I marvel yet again as to why people think it’s okay to drop the paper on the ground.

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