Birthday Celebration Part I: Pix and Dune

Matt (a fan of the David Lynch version of Dune) was excited to see the new version and I (not a fan of the David Lynch version but a fan of Timothée Chalamet) planned to see Dune and then go to Pix’s new vending machine as part of my celebration. Pix was a not-long walk from the Laurelhurst Theater.

Matt quite liked the new version (he talked nonstop the entire walk to Pix) and I liked it better than the David Lynch version (an easy bar to to clear).

The Pix-o-matic was fun to use, but very fiddly. Looking at the not-yet-cleared transactions on my credit card would have freaked me out, had the sign not informed me that if I messed up, the charges would be there, but wouldn’t be charged. I think there were 15 different tries before we finally got our Pix.

Pix also had a fun Halloween setup.

Fun birthday celebration Part I was followed by Part II on Sunday when we went to see the French Dispatch at Cinema 21 and ate at Lardo.

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