Birthday Celebration Part III

Yes, that’s right. For the third birthday celebration, we took the day off work and went to a corn maze! The one on Kruger’s Farm, to be precise. We arrived just as it was opening and were the first ones there. There was one other couple that came after us, but other than that, we had the place to ourselves. Here’s what we found:

Timer photo from atop a bridge with views.

The view:

There were many of these. We had fun solving them.

My previous visit to a corn maze in October taught me that footwear choice is key to comfort and enjoyability. I walked through while Matt walked around.

This was a big bonus to being the first ones in. There were many of these patterns on top of the mud made by some critter. We asked, but the person who worked there hadn’t ever seen them before.


Some gross corn. The person working said it was a kind of fungus.

The inaccurate ruler puts Matt at over six feet.

And me at 5’4″

We traded off so we could get our faces in all the holes.

And used the timer to take this series:

After that we went on a different hike (really a walk, but less muddy than the corn maze) on Sauvie Island

And then, wandering around looking for someplace to eat, discovered that Broder is where Laughing Planet used to be on Mississippi. Big win, as I love Broder!

Here’s what my activity tracker looked like for the corn maze.

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