City of Roses Ground Floor

Now that I can walk on the sidwalk in front of the Northwood Apartments, we can take more pictures.IMG_4518

One of the things I find interesting about the ground floor is the weird configuration of some of the spaces.  This unit (C) has a weird protrusion through the middle of it.  I’m interested to see how this space is used. It’s supposed to be a live-work unit.IMG_4519

Unit B has this room that is both kitchen and living space and then it also has a bedroom/bathroom/closet part.  There’s another ground-floor unit with the same configuration. I think I would have trouble decorating this as a residential unit.  The kitchen area is too long and takes over the space.  As a live-work unit, I guess it would work if your work has something to do with a kitchen taking over most of the space?IMG_4520

These are the windows that were the last to be installed.  And you can see there is landscaping now.IMG_4521

Too much glare on this picture, but this is the lobby area with a mural and a couple of cushy hang out spaces. I will be very surprised if I ever see anyone hanging out in the spaces.IMG_4522

The corner unit, with the visible big slabs of wood.  No one has leased it yet.IMG_4523

Some information about the property.IMG_4524

From the Max station approach.IMG_4525

It has a (vastly out of scale, in my opinion) neon sign.IMG_4526

2 thoughts on “City of Roses Ground Floor”

  1. A live-work unit? What the heck is a live-work unit? Like, someone would live there, where people can just walk past and stare in the windows? Yeesh. I agree that the neon sign is a weird size.

    1. Our house in its early form was thought to maybe be a live-work unit. I think the French Doors in the front were going to be a garage-style door that could go up. But that ended up not coming to pass. For probably the exact same reasons as theses will never really be live-work units.

      So in my mind, a live-work unit has a place for work to be done. Like if you are tax accountant, maybe there’s a room with a door to the street that people can use to come and go and the rest of the place is your apartment. But the point is that the clients can’t SEE your apartment. The way these are set up the kitchen/living room would also have to be the “work” area. And how would that work?

      BTW, one of them is rented now. And the door to the street has a sheet over the big window in the door, because it doesn’t have blinds. Possibly because it’s a live-work unit? But again, how would that work after work? Are you just supposed to spend all the time not working in your room? Poor execution.

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