Publication in the Viewpoint

“I was eating my breakfast, and reading your letter in the Viewpoint…” began the Facebook message from Sue.
“I have a letter in the Viewpoint?” I wrote back.  Then immediately got out my as-yet unread copy of the Cottey College Alumni magazine and flipped through it.IMG_4516

And indeed, there was my letter.  Which I didn’t really intend to BE in the Viewpoint when I wrote it, I was just sending a friendly email chat to Steve Reed. But there it is.IMG_4517This is an edited version (which I’m fine with.) The original letter had another paragraph that talked about Viewpoint controversy my freshman year of college because it reported that an alumni and her female partner had adopted a baby and some of the PEOs (the organization that sponsors/is heavily involved with the college) didn’t really like that.  Now we see in the Viewpoint all sorts of marriages and births of alumni who choose women as partners. And isn’t that a great change.

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  1. Wow, that’s cool, you got a letter to the editor published! I find it a little strange that they would publish it without telling you though.

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