Postcard from Russia

IMG_4515This is from Martha, who is from Russia and is 15 years old.  More impressively, she’s already sent over 1000 postcards through Postcrossing.  For comparison purposes, I currently am at about 110 total sent postcards.  This is a picture of Red Square in 1612.


2 thoughts on “Postcard from Russia”

  1. This got me to wondering if the guy on the postcard was supposed to be the tsar of Russia so I looked it up, but it turns out that things were a little complex in Russia in 1612 (surprise, surprise) and includes a guy named False Dmitry III. I’m a little surprised that there were two more False Dmitrys after the first one. At any rate, the Romanovs took over in 1613 and ruled for over 300 years. I like this postcard and I like that it led me to do some research.

    1. Bonus points for you. I looked at it, thought, “neat” and moved on. 🙂 But I should totally be interested in Russian History.

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