Stepping right over a generation

IMG_4486I took umbrage to this on several levels.  One.  I think of Baby Boomers as giving birth to Generation X.  They would be too old by the time it came time to procreate the Millennials.  But I did the math and it seems that it’s those younger baby boomers (the ones who were born nearly two decades after WWII ended) who seem to have sired the millennial generation.  I never think of these people as Baby Boomers, having come so lately to the selfish party that is the Baby Boomer generation.

Two.  Really?  Is it one generation versus another?

Three.  Um, is this how it’s gonna be?  Generation X has to listen endlessly to how cool the Boomers are, and then pay for all the things they never got around to fully funding like social security?  And then we don’t even get a mention?  It’s like no one was born between 1964 and 1984.

Four. And now I’m annoyed by how much this whole thing annoys me.  Do we really have to have distinct generations?  Can’t we all just work together?  Answer: no.  Because the stupid Boomers need constant reinforcement as to how cool they are.

Five.  In the relief category, I’m glad I’m in a generation designation that I know how to spell.

2 thoughts on “Stepping right over a generation”

  1. Yeah, the guy in that picture doesn’t look like a Boomer to me. I’ve always felt that Gen X was going to turn into another Silent Generation (the ones born between the “Greatest Generation” and the Boomers). No one ever talks about them. They never got a President. I don’t think we’ll get a President either. I think we’ll have to pry the office out of the Boomers’ cold, dead hands and then it’ll go straight to a Millennial. I really can’t stand the Boomers. I’m glad I’m not the only one, haha. Unlike many of my fellow Xers, though, I don’t have a problem with the Millennials. I do have a problem with this stupid article, though.

    1. Oh my gosh, those poor silent generation people never did get a president. And now they are all too old. That’s my parents generation. My Aunt Carol is, unfortunately among the early baby boomers.

      And I think you are right about the presidency. I feel like there will never be a time when we aren’t overshadowed by the Boomers, but I guess I just have to keep living and eventually they will all die? Not that I want individual Boomers to die, but as a generation? The worst.

      And this was the second article in two days on this topic!

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