City of Roses inching closer to completion

The sidewalk area has been shaped for the pouring of a new sidewalk.IMG_4319

Temporary doors have been installed where eventually permanent ones will go.


And, in other news, this picture marks the demise of my camera.  Two parts fell off behind the fence and out of reach. I decided it was time to buy a new camera, instead of continually nursing this one along.


3 thoughts on “City of Roses inching closer to completion”

    1. I dropped the camera a month after I bought it and the front ring–the one that holds the things that open and close to keep the lens clean–fell off. And some of the pieces that open and close. So I took all those off and shoved the ring back on, but as time went on it had a harder and harder time staying together. So that ring part fell off, and the rectangle that framed the lens. And that was kind of it for me.

  1. I saw how annoying it was when you were here. I’m excited to see all the whistles and bells on the new one!!

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