Goodbye to Canon Powershot SX170 IS

IMG_4369Well, thanks to the blog and the search function, I can tell you that I welcomed this camera into my life on October 10, 2013.  It replaced my PowerShot Digital Elph, which I had for six years.  Unfortunately for this dude, I dropped it within the first two months of owning it and it’s never quite been the same since.  It was too expensive to repair it, so I made do. If you look at the recent vacation photos, a lot of the corners are shaded black because I was constantly having to put the lens back together.

We had an okay time together, this camera and I, but it was a little bit bigger than I liked and I missed the slim profile of the Elph.  It still works (-ish), and has the same battery as my new camera, so I’ve tucked it away in a drawer just in case it needs to be pulled back into service. (Which is why this is not a requiem post.)  And I walked by the place where I lost the two lens pieces, and recovered them (it was after hours, so I didn’t feel so self conscious about fishing around under the fence).

Thank you for your service PowerShot SX170 IS. You had a good zoom and we took some good pictures together.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to Canon Powershot SX170 IS”

  1. Ahhh, it was dropped. That’s how it got broken! Maybe it was meant to be, since it wasn’t your favorite to begin with. I hope your next camera is a better fit!

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