Day 11. GameStorm as Heard Through a Wall

May 2022. This is a post from the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been sitting in my draft folder for more than two years now. I am publishing it without revising, so please excuse its first-draft form.

Every March, Boyfriend Matt attends Gamestorm, which is a three-day gaming convention. He goes to play board games, but there are other types of gamers there too.

He’s got a group of friends who attend and they usually make a new friend or two. I don’t see much of him for a few days, he has fun, and that’s all just fine.

GameStorm was cancelled this year, of course. But the guys had all taken time off of work to attend, so they are carrying on regardless. They met up online around 9, and connected their voices via their phones. I’ve been working away at my desk in my bedroom and I can overhear their gaming chatter.

And that’s the reason why I’m glad we’re having this pandemic now. There are so many ways to stay connected. It makes the isolation easier.

Matt’s back gaming, and I’m done working today. I’ve got a hot date with a Redbox DVD. This isn’t much different than non-quarantine Friday nights. Usually Matt is gaming at a friend’s house, and I’m at home with a movie.

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