Drafting new facings, cutting and basting

Here was the original plan for the facings, but I’ve got to make new ones due to arm area expansion.
It was easy enough though.
It’s important to star one’s cutting layout.
Bodice stuff that needed to be cut on the fold. 
Prepping my cutting area.
Have you seen the movie Unzipped, about Isaac Mizrahi’s fall 1994 collection?  It’s a great documentary.  And one thing I learned is that all the women making the fashion wear black all the time.  So I’m wearing all black in homage. Also because it’s rather cold today.
I really despise cutting out.  It might be better if I didn’t have to crawl all over the floor all the time.
After cutting out the underlining, I was to put out the main fabric…
…and lay my underlining pieces on top.
Then Gertie told me to carefully baste around each piece and then finish cutting out.  I suspect this is one of those things Gertie does because she likes to be careful.  I’m doing it, but it’s taking forever.
But look how pretty it looks when it’s done.
However, I needed to watch a movie to keep me occupied.  And when that movie was over, I was nowhere near done. Grrr.

Today I spent five hours working on this and I’m still not done with this week’s items.  

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  1. OH MY!!! The overall look with both fabrics is SOOOOOO amazing! I have not seen that documentary. Sounds great, though. I love fashion docs! Now I'm sad that you have no more posts! So excited to see you in a few days!

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