Final muslin fitting, prepping material

Muslin #2.  I can see that lengthening the front now has me in trouble with the back. The side seams are even.  I sense a muslin #3 in the future.
The back is now a little bit better.
The front is reaching my waist.  And notice how taking all that fabric out at the armpit level helped tremendously.
But I’ve still got a shoulder thing going on.  I solved this by having Matt cut back until there was a bigger opening.
Why is this picture upside down?  There is now more room in the shoulder area.
Here is the pattern for #1 topped with the pattern for muslin #2 in front,  with the changes outlined for #3 in green.  I’ve known it since I tried on Sara’s strapless formal dress in tenth grade, but man, do I have shoulders.
Muslin #3.  I feel like I could pull in the shoulders a bit, and the waist, but I don’t really know what I’m doing here, so I think I will leave it.
The back looks good.
Sentinel is a good helper.
Now to press all the underlining material.  This dress does not skimp on material.

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  1. I love that my ninth grade formal dress (bought at The Bazaar in Park Center Mall) got a shout out. Oooh, we are getting closer to actual dress…

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