Three sentence movie reviews: Friday Night Lights Season 1

I’m not really anti-spectator sports (meaning I love to read about baseball in novel form, and I don’t mind that spectator sports exist, I just don’t care to watch them) but I do have limited patience for football culture especially–it seems to magnify a lot of what I find unattractive about US society.  So why watch this show all about high school football in Texas?  Because the characters made me fall in love with them, broke my heart and keep me coming back for more.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Friday Night Lights Season 1”

  1. Everyone who starts this series falls in love with it. I would love to give it a try. I do like spectating, but not football (I realized that when I went to college, that I had spent every high school game flirting wish boys and playing in the band – now that is who to spectate at a football game!).

  2. I guess I'm going to have to resist starting this series for a little while longer. It's been in my queue forever. I really don't need the distraction though. Maybe when soccer season is over.

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