Tracing pattern pieces

I’m feeling confused about how to make the changes from the muslin to the pattern, so I’ll distract myself with tracing all the pattern pieces.
Here’s the official pattern piece.
I devised a check system to ensure that I got all the pieces I needed.  I have to be wary of project pitfalls and one of them is not having everything I need.  If I miss a piece and have to backtrack to this stage, there’s a good chance I won’t finish the project.
The file cabinet holds what I need.  Here is a skirt piece and a pocket.
I only use the finest tools.  A true statement in the case of the rulers, which have been invaulable.  A false statement with the pattern weights which are just whatever object I can find to serve as “heavy.”

One thought on “Tracing pattern pieces”

  1. Keep at it! (I like saying that retrospectively – knowing that past you wrote this and current you is done with the dress). I know it will be amazing!!!

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