Earlier morning walk in Boise

I got up early to meet a friend for breakfast and had more time for downtown Boise pictures.

This Allies of people with HIV and AIDS place didn’t exist when I was in high school.  At least not in this form.

They had a jar with condoms available.  Given that it was Sunday morning, I’m not surprised it was empty.
Oh, bad funny t-shirts.  Where would I be if I couldn’t look down on you?
But right next door, a fancy clothes place.  Good old Boise!
The Hoff is such a pretty building.  We ate my graduation celebration dinner at the Top of the Hoff restaurant.
It’s Lewis & Clark and friends!
Apologies for the lack of proper orientation, but I love that a benchmark has been preserved in recognition of Abraham Lincoln. Also that the sign is bigger than the benchmark.
A look up Capitol Boulevard to the Train Depot, where I spent many happy hours in the gardens on the grounds.
Lincoln, standing not-so-tall.
I mean, really, he’s tiny.
Unlike Steunenberg.  I guess you have to be assassinated IN Idaho to get the really big statue.
Darn that organized labor!
I’ve always loved the Idaho Capitol building.  And I loved living in a state capitol.
These are fun!  Around the capitol building grounds, each county’s seal is displayed.  I didn’t have time to find Ada county, but here’s Benewah.  This also made me wonder if every county in every state has a seal.  It seems a bit much, no?

5 thoughts on “Earlier morning walk in Boise”

  1. I love how calm and quiet it seems,. What a lovely time of day for a walk. I have always LOVED those county signs. I don't think I got a picture of them this trip, though…

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